Ok so keeping up to date Caravan has been put on hold


So we were originally planning on doing up our caravan so that we could go off grid and travel Australia…. That has been put on hold for a few different reasons one being we are buying our own home base farm! which we are also planning going off grid with and becoming self sufficient.

So this blog will also be adding Sustainable Farming to it’s list of up coming readings. Hope you enjoy!

XX Aussie Gypsy


From The Begining…

Ok so here I am with a 18ft 1970 something caravan that needs a bit of work done to it… So what do I do? Blog it! IMG_2273

I would just like to clarify that the previous owners had started to renovate the caravan before I got my hands on it.

They had already lay down vinyl to cover the older vinyl,  Put in a new double sized fold up bed, two new couch seating in the middle, new microwave and conventional oven ( because they had cut the gas and took out the gas oven ), A second hand air conditioner / heater, new curtains, new tool box ( which we will need to replace anyway because it took out a back light when backing it up on an angle ), replaced the mesh and joints for the above sky light thing and cover the second one above the bed, they also had done some patching of walls but some still need to get done.

IMG_2278IMG_2282    IMAG0842 IMAG0843 IMAG0835IMAG0841 IMAG0845IMG_2274

So now you have an idea with the work I need to get done which will be a long slow process but an exciting one.

I look forward to hearing any comments, hints or tips that you could have for me!